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by Ryon Harms on February 23, 2009


I have been humbled by all the support and interest in my fledgling blog over the past few weeks. During that time, I’ve also started to find my voice and focus the scope of my coverage. As a result I think the time is right to rename this blog and clearly define its mission. The new name will be The Social Executive (TSE), which I believe crystallizes the blog’s mission: help senior executives better utilize technology and social media to grow their networks and create more meaningful professional relationships. To read my new About page click HERE

Also, please note that starting tomorrow this blog will have  its own URL: 


Applying on job boards is like prospecting. You can spend hours filling out applications and customizing cover letters and still only pull out the occasional nugget of opportunity. “You only need one,” the old saying goes so we all do it even though we know that the chances of landing a job that way are small and shrinking. Here are a couple of reasons why. 

Many job descriptions are written with enough qualifications to fill four or five positions hoping to snare someone willing to jump into a five for the price of one level of responsibility. Other postings are written by recruiters looking to buff up their databases of job candidates, knowing full well that no such positions exist. And even if your name is in that database those recruiters likely won’t consider you until they have tried and failed to fill the position with all other means available to them from within. 

Having said that, I found both of my previous positions (jobs that I really enjoyed) on the Craigslist job board back when Craigslist was just getting off the ground. This time around, Craigslist isn’t exactly a secret and so the demand now far outweighs the supply. The trick is, I think, to stay away from the large super market-style job boards and stick with a few niche regional and industry job boards where the supply is more in line with demand. 

I’ve compiled a list of such job boards on a new blog page to help you get started. You’ve likely already visited most of these, but hopefully there’s at least one undiscovered gem. Visit my new Job Boards page HERE

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