Should Public Companies Be Afraid of Social Media?

by Ryon Harms on February 1, 2010

Over the past three posts, I have focused on the unprecedented opportunities that social media offers professional stock traders and everyday retail investors. However, social media is also opening new doors for public companies willing to engage with shareholders and create an additional layer of transparency to their investor relations activities.

While the vast majority of public companies are not yet engaging investors through social media, a few smart CEOs are turning to industry thought leaders like Darrell Heaps. Darrell is the co-founder and CEO of Q4 Web Systems, a software company that provides “on-demand software for corporate and investor relations websites.” Q4’s blog has firmly positioned Darrell and his firm at the forefront of advocating for public companies to formulate more robust social media strategies. Below is an interview I recently conducted with Darrell where we discussed his views on the subject.

To read the Q4 Web Systems blog click here.

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